About Us

Everything started from my first marathon in Moscow. Not exactly, though it was from the second one in Alma-Ata in spring 2014. I was 46 and I didn’t run till that age at all. At finish of 42 km I suddenly realized that marathon made a person stronger and this feeling of power, widening of your personal capabilities I would never forget. That time, in 2014 I wanted as much people as there were to feel unlimited opportunities of every person.

After that I made up my mind to organize such an event in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The idea wasn’t new and I applied to old friend of mine, the Chairman of the “Soyuz Desantnikov Rossii ” (Russian Assault Troops Union) of the Ural federal region, Evgeniy Pavlovich Teterin. It appeared at that moment a number of companies applied to the Administration of Yekaterinburg that were eager to conduct a marathon in the city. We got lucky because our mayor used to run therefore we were chosen thanks to Evgeniy Vadimovich Roizman. The decision was made to do it.

We didn’t expect any difficulties we faced and what to do, but we initiated it. It appeared to be not to be easy. There was no sense to describe each step, but I could say that a team of co-thinkers has gathered who loved running and just enthusiasts. The marathon was succeeded. There were a lot of mistakes, faults. We faced a great number of tasks that we could not complete. A common participant did not realize it (that’s the main thing), but we were really crying as the first marathon started. We shouted: “We did it!”

Every year we try to make our events better and better, we get knowledge from our colleagues, we make consultations at professionals. We also organize and improve Europe-Asia run series that are traditional: May Storm, Night Run, Winter Half-Marathon. We are glad that people love our events. I’m sure that one day our Ural International Marathon will gather 20000 and 25000 participants!

I imagine that when you hear word “Yekaterinburg” people will associate it with “marathon, border of two parts of the world”. So our beautiful city can host runners from other cities and around the world. So that one day our city will be under the level of sport at the same place as Boston, and among international runs and marathons and Yekaterinburg can be equal.

Andrey Utkin, Chief of Europe-Asia run series