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The Winter half-marathon is a real challenge for running fans. Participants are offered to meet the first winter Sunday on the run!

Date of the race is 2 December, 2018

Limit of participants is 2 000 contestants


  1. On the RussiaRunning web-site
  2. In the front office (Ekaterinburg, Tehnicheskaya, 19, office 2, phone: 8 (343) 381-84-50).

Working hours: from 10.00 to 17.00, Saturday and Sunday – days-off.

Requirements to the participants:

  • The participant must be 16 years or older on race day, if participant will run 21 km
  • The participant must be 12 years or older on race day, if participant will run 7 km
  • The participant should receive a start package 30 November or 1 December.

When receiving the start package the participant should submit an ID card and a medical certificate about permission to run.

We will add a route map for 7 km and 21 km here soon.

30 November and 1 December

10:00-21:00 — Expo, Delivery of start packages, Registration.

2 December

09:00 — The start area opening;

11:00 — Start of the races at 21,1 km and 7 km;

13:00 — Awarding ceremony;

14-00 — Finish line closes.

7 km

21 km

С 01.02.18 по 01.04.18

600 roubles

800 roubles

С 02.04.18 по 01.08.18

800 roubles

1000 roubles

С 02.08.18 по 01.10.18

1000 roubles

1300 roubles

С 02.10.18 по 27.11.18

1200 roubles                                1500 roubles


30 November and 1 December

10:00-21:00 – Delivery of start packages

Content of starting package:

  1. Start number with a microchip and pins
  2. Sticker to hand over items to a storage room
  3. Memorable souvenir

To receive a start package it is necessary to submit the following:

  1. ID
  2. An original medical certificate on permission to run

If you aren’t able to collect your start package by yourself, it can be delivered to you via a letter of attorney. To receive a participant’s package via a letter of attorney it is necessary to submit the following:

  1. Original letter of attorney on the name of an authorised representative
  2. ID of an authorised representative’s personality
  3. Copy of a participant’s ID
  4. An original medical certificate on the name of a participant about a permission to run

Medical certificate

A medical certificate should be formed not earlier than 6 months before the date of competitions.

A medical certificate should confirm that a participant has no contraindications to run for a chosen distance.

A copy of a medical certificate is accepted only if an original submitted. Certificates are unreturnable.

Changing and locker area

Changing and locker areas are situated in the start-finish camp.

Please, don’t leave your items unattended.

Locker room

A locker room is located in the start-finish camp.

You will find a package a sticker for a locker room. A number of a sticker should match with your start number. Stick it on a bag and hand it over to a locker room. After the race show a start number and receive your items.

Please, do not hand over valuable or fragile items in a package. We recommend you to take valuable items with you and leave them to accompanying you friends or relatives.


Count of your personal time starts after crossing a start line.

Medical service

Medical facilities are located in a start-finish camp and along the distance.

If you see someone is in a bad condition, please apply to volunteers.


Your personal result will be accepted when you cross a finish line.

Timing operation is provided due to a chip fixed to a backside of a number. Do not bind, wrinkle, and tear it, because it can lead to damage of a chip and loss of your personal result.

Your personal result will be measured when crossing a start-finish line.

Conclusive results will be published on the RussiaRunning web-site.

To find and to download photos you can go to the RussiaRunning web-site.

RussiaRunning provides a convenient and rapid service to search photos by a start number or surname. We recommend you to fix start numbers on the chest to see them well, it makes searching of your pictures easy and quick. Photographers will work along the whole distance and on the finish line where the most picturesque and emotional shots are!

Make the finish spectacular, smile and posture!